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Dedicated to all patients with depression
By Dara November 27th, 2023

Dedicated to all patients with depression

Please take a few minutes to watch this video first. Then read the following text and think together about the problems we encounter and how to help those around us!

If you are a patient, deeply immersed in the pain of illness, like this horse in the quagmire, do you have any insights after watching the video? The ultimate way to climb out of the painful quagmire is not through external forces but through one's own inner strength.

If you are a doctor or a patient's family member, what can help the patient is not to carry it out of the quagmire but to inspire their inner strength through ideas. We are all horses on the shore, and our state is the best demonstration and exemplary force.

Thinking rumination keeps many people's hearts living in the shadows of the past, burdened with heavy burdens, and ultimately crushing themselves - in fact, many things are the cause and effect of others themselves, so there is no need to ruminate or feel guilty in thinking, and let oneself fall into a quagmire.

Depressed people are actually very kind and especially enjoy helping others with causality!

Some people can't let go of their family members and feel that they haven't done well, but the fact is that we can't die with our families. Everyone has their own life, their own causal cycle, and I can only fulfil our responsibilities. Others stay up late every day, play cards, smoke and drink excessively, eat, drink, and gamble. Many diseases are created by oneself, and family members cannot bear their cause and effect!

Some patients give gifts to doctors, treat them to meals, and even resort to moral coercion, hoping to leave cause and effect on the doctors and continue to maintain their original lifestyle habits. Can this solve the problem? The doctor cannot bear his cause and effect.

When the Buddha learned that his family was about to be destroyed, his own power was boundless, and even saving his family turned into blood and water. Even the Buddha could not bear the cause and effect of the family!

What I want to cultivate is myself; it has nothing to do with others!

If people do not change themselves, heaven and earth will perish! Most people don't understand this sentence.

When we help others, we will eventually feel powerless because their habits make it difficult to completely help them. Everything is just a matter of fate. As the saying goes, "Although the region is vast, it is difficult to conceive a tree without soil." You need to cultivate the soil. "Although the medical path is broad, it is difficult to treat a person without fate." No matter how much the doctor tells you, you cannot listen to it and cannot cure it.

Depressed patients, it's a blessing to cultivate oneself. Don't worry about so many things. The past heart cannot be obtained, and the future heart cannot be obtained!

Your father, your mother, your family, brothers and sisters have their own blessings, causes and consequences, and lives! He has to stay up late, drink alcohol, smoke, eat, drink, and gamble on his own. This is his business, and it has nothing to do with you. You can't resist his cause and effect. If you say it's yours, he'll do it. If you say it's okay, let him go.

When you have low energy, all the words you want to change from others appear pale and powerless. Only by improving your own energy and following the unspoken teachings can you be like a horse on the shore in a video, live your own life, and inspire others to change.

Moreover, your own cause and effect is your own business, and others cannot or cannot resist your cause and effect. When you hope others can help you resist causality, you don't want to grow on your own. You always give it up and want to rely on others. In fact, when you think about it carefully, others can only accompany you. All your pain and sadness are your own things, and you have to experience and feel them yourself. Others cannot replace you in feeling uncomfortable.

If you don't change yourself, build a prison, paint the ground as a prison, suffer for yourself, and suffer for a lifetime! You have changed, let go, awakened, stopped ruminating, and now you are comfortable.

When you live a wonderful life and the people around you who are trapped in the quagmire of causality truly see hope, you are truly helping them because you are using your life to influence the lives of others and inspire their inner strength!!

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