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Can traditional Chinese medicine effectively treat lupus erythematosus?
By Dara December 14th, 2023

Can traditional Chinese medicine effectively treat lupus erythematosus?

A few days ago, Ms. Zhou Haimei, a well-known celebrity in Hong Kong, China, passed away due to illness. Many friends asked me, "Can traditional Chinese medicine treat lupus erythematosus?"

If it can be treated, why hasn't Zhou Haimei's lupus erythematosus been cured if she doesn't lack money or network resources?

I want to explain this issue to everyone first.

Studying traditional Chinese medicine requires blessings and has nothing to do with the money spent.

Everyone over the years, more and more public figures have passed away due to illness. They are not short of money, nor are they short of medical resources. All kinds of strange diseases seem to be incurable.

Illness is challenging to treat, and there are many reasons. Some people are destined to suffer from disease. They do too little good deeds daily and do not accumulate enough blessings for themselves. As a result, they may be unable to meet good doctors and do not know how to self-heal and save themselves. In the end, they can only watch their condition worsen...

At this point, many people probably don't believe it anymore. What is the relationship between illness and blessings? Of course, it's related, and the connection is very close.

You should know that good traditional Chinese medicine doctors are hard to come by. It's not that if you have money, you can find the best traditional Chinese medicine doctors. Not everyone is greedy for money. The higher the level of traditional Chinese medicine doctors, the more they don't want money. The higher the level of traditional Chinese medicine doctors, the more they value fate.

If you connect with him, he will help you; If you have no chance with him, he will not help you. It's just that simple.

What is fate? This thing can't be explained clearly; it could be from a past life, a lifetime, or this lifetime...

Having fate is still the most essential thing. They help you once and for all, but they genuinely help you; you can only rely on yourself and your blessings.

I have been emphasizing a viewpoint: intangible determines tangible. This is the ultimate law of this universe; whether you believe it or not, it remains unchanged throughout history and is not subject to human will.

Blessings are also intangible; they can determine many tangible items, including whether one gets sick, whether one can meet noble people if one gets sick, and so on. If you say you don't believe, it's your fault. There are no laws in the world, but cause and effect are real and not imaginary. If you don't believe in cause and effect, I can only wish you good luck. Everyone has their reason and development and must pay for their cognition.

I am writing about "Lupus Erythematosus" today, and I said that traditional Chinese medicine has a way of solving it. I know there will be many people who do not believe it, and there will also be people who say that I am rubbing against the heat... These words have no impact on my current state. Whether you believe it or not is your choice, and whether I write it or not is my choice.

My creative efforts in the official account over the years are not to gain recognition or praise from anyone but to have a clear conscience.

Alright, back to the main topic, the following is the main text section:

The most apparent symptoms of patients with lupus erythematosus include facial erythema, fever, oral ulcers, joint pain, hematuria, edema, etc.

From these symptoms, it is evident that this is a typical heat syndrome. Erythema appears on the body's surface, and fever is a superficial syndrome. The oral cavity is also an external "superficial heat syndrome." However, it is not simply an exterior heat syndrome. If joint pain and hematuria exist, evil heat is in the blood, and heat forces blood to act recklessly.

Next, let's think: Why does "hyperthermia" occur? Why is it that "heat drives blood to act recklessly"?

There are two main reasons:

1. The energy state of yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity in the body leads to "heat hyperactivity." When heat evil moves towards the surface of the body, symptoms such as "facial erythema," "fever," and "oral ulcers" will appear.

2. Body congestion leads to blood stasis, where heat accumulates in the bloodstream, resulting in symptoms such as hematuria, joint pain, and even organ bleeding.

From the energy perspective, the deep-seated causes of lupus erythematosus are mainly two main factors: yin deficiency, heat hyperactivity, and blood stasis. To improve the many symptoms of lupus erythematosus, it is necessary to start from the two key points of "yin deficiency and heat hyperactivity" and "blood stasis."

Once you have sorted out your thoughts, the treatment direction for lupus erythematosus will naturally become clear. On the one hand, it is necessary to nourish yin and heat, and the representative formula is "Shengma Biejia Tan.".

Sheng Ma Bie Jia Tang formulas:

6g of Sheng Ma,

3g of Angelica sinensis,

3g of Sichuan pepper,

roasted Bie Jia (with a big finger),

1.5g of realgar (ground),

6g of roasted licorice.

On the other hand, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is necessary. Blood activating and eliminating blood stasis drugs such as "peach kernel" and "red skin" can be added to "Sheng Ma Bie Jia Tan.". For those with obvious pain, "Yuan Hu" can be added.

Based on the patient's primary symptoms, the direct approach is to "nourish yin and heat" and "promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis." Lupus erythematosus symptoms can be improved entirely by adding or subtracting representative formulas.

Lupus erythematosus is just a disease name; it is a name and appearance. Through the character and build, we can see the essence of the problem and then use traditional Chinese medicine to correct the state. This is how any disease is treated, without exception.

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